2018 CSA Share

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Dancing Star Farm CSA 2.jpg

2018 CSA Share

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Weekly Pickup of fresh, ecologically-grown vegetables and herbs

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Duration of Season

June through October 2018

Pickup Times and Locations:

  • Fridays 10am - 5pm @ Dancing Star Farm, Churchville
  • Thursdays 4-6pm @ Friendly City Co-op, Harrisonburg
  • Thursdays 5-6pm @ (to be announced), Waynesboro

What the CSA includes

We strive for diversity in our CSA while remaining as consistent as possible with our offerings. 
This year we’ve designed a delivery with the following structure.  Always a cooking green, always a salad mix or lettuce, always a root vegetable (carrot, beets, radishes, potatoes, etc.) always an allium (garlic, green onions, scapes, onions, storage onions), and of course the fruits of summer when they are in.  In addition, we'll provide culinary herbs in each basket.  Also, the share comes with the opportunity to come out to the farm and cut flowers or herbs for free whenever you want for your home use.  This year pick-up will be market-style which will allow some more flexibility for customers.  Which means that you'll be able to have an option to replace for example tomatoes with squash when appropriate. Also, we'll be setting up a private facebook page for CSA customers to share recipes with each other and provide feedback during the season.  Each week each share will be a dollar value of $23 at least with most shares running closer to $26 a share.  Most growers start out the season with a design/plan and end up delivering what the reality of the season has produced.  For some, the season works out perfect and for others variables contribute to an abundance in one crop and problems with another. The wonderful added value to a CSA is that you have the opportunity to dialogue with your grower about why the season looks like it does and how you'd prefer it to look.  In addition, the farmer has an opportunity to provide education about the realities of growing and uses for excess tomatoes or interesting recipes for vegetables that are new to you!  Should you choose our CSA this season (and we hope you do), we'd love to hear from you throughout the season and be able to have the opportunity to share with you how and why the season moves the way it does!  Finally, while we grow our food using organic practices we are not certified USDA Organic.