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an ecologically

minded farm

in the shenandoah valley of virginia


Located on 'Moonstone Corner', Churchville, VA, Dancing Star Farm is a permaculture farm focusing on high quality mixed vegetables, eggs, rabbit meat and quail eggs.

Founded in 2011 by Ryan Blosser, Dancing Star farm Inspires the farmers and the community to live ecologically, connects farmers to the community and the community to the earth, and provides sustenance to the community and an income for the farmers.



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1566 Scenic Highway Rd. Churchville, VA 24421




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The Story Behind the Farm

The passion and idea behind Dancing Star Farm

began a decade ago in a little herb garden in the neighborhood of Kaimuki in Honolulu. It was there, between surf sessions and Creative Writing classes at the University of Hawaii that Ryan became enthralled with the creativity and satisfaction that can be found in a garden. Soon Ryan could think of nothing else but gardens when doing research for his graduate program on the post war Counterculture movement, Ryan discovered Permaculture. Fast forward 5 years later to a chance encounter with a gypsy soul and like-minded permaculturist named Jeff Sharp and conversations about farming ensued. That spring a group of friends indulging in an evening of good natured revelry tracked what looked like a dancing star into the deeper hours of the night. As the gathering wound down, Four friends – Greg Burns, Jenny Taylor, Jeff Sharp and Ryan Blosser – found themselves the only ones lingering and the conversations that ensued circled around starting a farm. This was the night Dancing Star Farm was born. The farm operated as a worker-owned cooperative for 3 years until Jan. 2013 when each of the friends began to feel a pull in different directions in their lives. Feeling inspired by the early success and wanting to help the farm realize its full potential, Joy and Ryan purchased Dancing Star Farm from the cooperative. 

At Dancing Star Farm, permaculture is our passion and we regard ourselves as outdoor intellectuals as much as farmers. The design and operation of Dancing Star Farm is heavily influenced by Permaculture. We enjoy using earthworks design to catch water by using contour and slope and employ many techniques to build our soil. As a farm we believe that biodiversity in the soil and in the landscape creates a healthy productive farm. This holistic approach allows us to grow mixed vegetables on a market scale without dependence on harmful chemicals.  We also incorporate bees, ducks, chickens and a pig into the system at a homestead scale which means that few of the animal products make it beyond the family dinner table.

Meet the Farmers

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Ryan Blosser

Ryan is a Farmer, writer, and former child and family therapist living with his wife and two children in the Central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 

After feeling frustrated with life as a basketball player at the Division 1 level, Ryan dropped out of school and moved to Hawaii where he discovered permaculture and encountered the natural world through surfing. Upon moving back to the Valley in 2004 Ryan pointed his life in the direction of sustainable agriculture. Homesteading and working in the community as a counselor eventually led to joining Project GROWS, a nonprofit community farm, as executive director where he served for 5 years. In 2016 Ryan finally took the leap to running his own small farm full time. Dancing Star Farm focuses on high quality and high value mixed vegetables. In addition he teaches sustainable agriculture and organic production gardening at Blue Ridge Community College and is a founder and core instructor with Shenandoah Permaculture Institute. He holds a BA in English from Chaminade University and a M.A. and Ed.S. in clinical mental health counseling from JMU.

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Nick Faircloth

Bio coming soon!